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Privacy policy for TTPLib

The following guidelines apply to TTPLib:

Use of submitted data

By submitting any data to TTPLib, you agree that it can be published on the TTPLib webpages, and you assure that you have obtained all relevant permissions first. Notice that access to the TTPLib webpages and the data referenced by these pages is not restricted. Although the data is meant for research purposes only, we cannot control this and therefore assume no responsibility for the use of submitted data.

E-mail addresses

For confirmation purposes and for questions concerning submitted data, the name and contact address of the contributor must be included in any submission to TTPLib. This contact data will not be made public unless explicitly allowed by the contributor. To avoid spam mail, the TTPLib pages do not contain any e-mail addresses in plain ASCII format. We kindly request that you proceed in the same way with the TTPLib e-mail addresses; to reference them on a webpage, please use this gif-image: _AT_ such as in

Other personal information

Apart from publicly available information such as the affiliation of a contributor or papers referenced from the personal homepage of one of the authors, personal information is included on the TTPLib pages only if explicitly agreed to by the people concerned.

Filtering of submissions

We try to keep the TTPLib as open as possible to anyone who wishes to contribute. However, in order to keep the library running, well-structured, and useful for the research community, we reserve the right to reject or postpone the publication of submitted data on the TTPLib pages.

Correctness of provided data

Most data on this site has gone through several steps of conversion, and some data was typed in by hand or generated by automatic solution extraction scripts. While we made a lot of effort to make no mistakes and to double-check the results, we cannot guarantee that everything is correct. If you find any errors or have doubts about any data, please contact us.