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For a better understanding of what the Train Timetabling Problem is about visualizations of solutions or even algorithms are very usefull. For this purpose M. Kinder and B. Erol developed a tool called TraVis based on the 3D visualization software JavaView.

At present TraVis is only used to visualize macroscopic infrastructure data and solution schedules of the described file formats. All provided functionalities are self-explanatory, such as "open network","open solution" and "start animation". Nevertheless if you have any questions, ideas and suggestions on future development of TraVis please feel free and mail to

Travis screenshot
Timetable or train schedule through the network in 3d on the left and single track headway display on the right.
TraVis 1.8.10
Last update: 09 May 2011

Hide network display

Network display

Left-Mouse Drag to rotate
s Drag to scale
t Drag to translate
r Switch to reset
w / q Start / Stop auto-rotation
Shift-s Smooth drawing (slow)
Shift-z Enable z-buffer when surfaces intersect
F1 Control Panel
Right-Mouse Show popup menu
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